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Laura Rüüberg / Ryyberg


🌟 My name is Laura Rüüberg.

💡 I am energetic and easily inspired by nature. I am constantly looking for new ideas and projects where I can realize my creativity. Communicating with people is a big, and very pleasant, part of my job. I get to work with new wonderful people every day, either in terms of customer relations or cooperation.

📚 I love learning new things and value continuous development. This is also reflected in my educational background, which includes piano studies, stylistics studies, and advertising and marketing studies. In addition, I have graduated as a visual artist.

🎨 I have always been fascinated by creative activities and I consider good organization very important. ❤️ I dedicate myself with a big heart to everything I do and pay a lot of attention to details.

😊 I am very happy that thanks to the trust of my clients I can do what I love every day!

Laura Rüüberg

🎉 I am sincerely glad that you arrived at my website. Let's get to know each other!

Laura Rüüberg

Laura Rüüberg is a respected professional in the field of event planning 🌟. She is known for her expertise as an event planner, wedding planner and decorator 🎉💍🖼️. Combining creativity and reliability in every project, a keen eye for details and a passion for transforming spaces into unforgettable experiences have brought him fame 🌈. Laura's commitment to realizing her clients' visions and exceeding expectations make her a sought-after expert in creating unforgettable events 💖. A dream wedding or a customized event, Laura's innovative approach and striving for perfection guarantee an exceptional celebration ✨.

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